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Conversation between ISI chief and Indian Intel

Everybody and their uncle in India seems to be of the opinion that this attack was orchestrated by elements in Pakistan.

Now what exactly is our Prime Minister expecting the ISI official being summoned, earlier its chief and now one of his deputies, to say?

"Yeah, we are aware of what happened in Mumbai the other day. We have definitive intelligence about who did it, where they live in Pakistan and their sources of funding. Heck, we paid for the whole shebang, we should know!

Hear what, do what I say, get somebody to arrest me first of all for being a key member of the core team that approved this mission. Next, take this list of all key bank accounts from which money was paid, and while we are at it, this other list of all people who were involved, oh, lemme scratch our Prime Minister's name of course, and their landline, mobile & satellite phone numbers and addresses.

Oh hang on, that list that dropped off, thats the list of the next 10 operations planned for execution over the next 5 years, for which planning and training is underway in various parts of our country. Surely you don't need that yet. Even if you do, I can't disclose that information. Not part of the list of items I am supposed to assist you with.

Now if you will permit, I have to get on a teleconference with Osama, Dawood and some Lashkar folks. Its our weekly project update call so can't miss it. In case you have any further questions, contact Javed Miandad, our Strategic Head of Irritating Tactics."

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