Friday, May 23, 2008

Dil Se... ye bata de mujhe zindagi

Ye bata de mujhe zindagi,
pyaar ki raah ke hamsafar
kis tarah ban gaye ajnabi
ye bata de mujhe zindagi

phool kyun saare murjha gaye
kis liye bujh gayi chandni
ye bata de mujhe zindagi

kal jo banhon mein thi
aur nigahon mein thi
ab wo garmi kahan kho gayi
ye bata de mujhe zindagi

na wo andaaz hai
na wo aawaaz hai
ab wo narmi kahan kho gayi
ye bata de mujhe zindagi

Bewafa tum nahi
bewafa hum nahi
fir wo jazbaat kyun so gaye

pyar tumko bhi hai
pyar humko bhi hai
faasle ye fir kyun ho gaye
ye bata de mujhe zindagi

ye bata de mujhe zindagi...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

ek ruka hua blog

I wrote, scratched, rewrote and rescratched ad nauseum the opening of this post, the first on this blog in a long time. Nothing seems suitable so I wont try to sound profound. Suffice to say that the year 2007 was a year in which I found and lost that most fleeting and ephemeral yet widely cherished feeling, love, totally unexpectedly and was subjected to the repercussions of the same.

This post is not a declaration of having accepted what was a fait accompli by the time it hit me. Neither it is a feeble attempt to declare myself free from the imaginary shackles and it is certainly not a notification of intent of moving on. Far from it.This post is an attempt to amend the mistake of not keeping to a de facto promise I had made in one of the initial posts on this blog that I shall narrate events and happenings in my life.But more than that, this is an attempt to get some things off my chest before they cause more damage than they already have.

At this point I introduce a new series of posts on this blog where I shall present the lyrics of some songs that I like. They are not necessarily of the same genre, not all of them are movie songs, most are not very well-known and quite a few will not qualify to be called classics, but I like them, for one reason or the other, and that is the one and only reason for them to go up on this blog. They will probably be very clear indicators of my mood, mindset or thought processes at the time of posting as well. In honour of one of the finest examples of the symbiotic interplay between love and pain in moviedom, I shall suffix these posts with "Dil Se..."

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