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She has been the constant thorn in my side for more than 15 years. She has caused me immense grief, heartburn and made my blood boil on innumerable occassions. I have been hopping mad at her obviously stupid behaviour. I have felt like throttling her to death every time she ratted on me and told Papa about my hiding a comic book inside my text book. I have fought with her more than I have fought with anybody, hated her more than I have hated anybody and wanted her gone from my family and my life more than anybody else.

And now, when that wish of mine has been granted, when that almost fond hope has indeed come to pass, when my dream of years has come true, I feel horrible. When finally I can have my room to myself, when I have to share my parents with only 1 sibling, when I no longer percieve myself as the neglected middle kid, when I should be rejoicing in the good luck that has befallen us, the vacuum is killing me.

Didi, I miss you.

Wish you all the luck and fortune in this new innings of your life. Now that I am out of your life, you can breathe a million sighs of relief.
[This post is backdated for chronological continuity]

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