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Pichchurr Hall - Ek Chalis ki last local

Who thought of making this movie?

Batao !!! Kiska behooda idea tha ye ? Main uska khoon pee jaunga !!!

I mean it. I really do. I agree that India is a free country and people are free to make any kind of movie they want and they have a right to screen it all over the country if the censor board deems their baby fit for national consumption. But still yaar !!! Koi limit hai ki nahi?

A Call center exec misses his last local, which call center does not provide transport to its employees at 1.40 am?, and decides to take an auto. He asks the sleeping auto driver if he will go to Vikhroli. Suddenly this gorgeous girl appears out of nowhere and wants to go to Vikhroli too in the same auto. Apparently she was in a party which went on for longer than expected and her friends dropped her off at the deserted railway station.

What follows next is something that can be described by just one word, bizarre. The movie, already well on its way to the bollywood graveyard, descends into utter chaos and rapidly goes down the ladder of movie grading from A to C, or even worse.

Firstly Kurla, that is the station shown in the movie, is never empty like the way it is shown in the movie. Secondly, at no time of day, or night, will you ever be in a position when an auto or taxi is not available to take you anywhere in Mumbai. And last, Vikhroli is not even so far from Kurla that one needs to go through all the drama that the protagonists in this movie go through.

Cheap histrionics, cheaper dialogues and gestures, and extremely crude references make this movie utterly disgusting to watch.

And why does everyone want to cast Neha Dhupia as a prostitute? Even though, she has done a passable job of it, and I cant help liking her, its getting boring and she must consider refusing such roles.

To sum it up, dont see this, dont let anyone see this and contribute to any campaign to ban such movies.


i actually liked whatever i watched. who cares about silly details like weather kurla station pe koi hota hai ya nahin... i mean, abhay deol has good comic timing, neha dhupia's assets are worth every penny... khush raho.. cheezy dialogues ka tumko kya? kaan bandh karke dekh lete... bechari chhoti-si pichurr ka khatma kar diya... socho, bechare producer ka kya hoga ab? dvds bhi nahin bikengi...:(

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