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Pichchurr Hall - Bheja Fry

I am a great fan of Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey, after their amazing show in Khosla ka Ghosla and saw this film only because of those two. Otherwise I usually avoid movies which suffer from such a huge identity crisis that they do not know which language should the dialogues be in.

The premise is rather new, a rather irritating Income Tax babu, with pretensions of being a singer comes across this rich businessman whose idea of weekend fun is getting such people to perform in front of his friends for a laugh.

The detailing is also quite good. I particularly liked the use of the plastic packet that makes a hell lot of noise every time it is opened or folded back up, to the extent that even I got irritated after Vinay did it for like the umpteenth time in the movie. Question for the trivia geeks: How many times does Vinay Pathak open and close his poetic autobiography?

Vinay's expressions are also hilarious for the most part, his sneak peek at people close by as he sets the combination lock on his suitcase, being a favorite of mine.

As I mentioned before, one of the biggest irritants of this movie is the flip flop between english and hindi between the characters.

Milind Soman is adequate in his role of the guy who loses his love to his friend and is now helping him search for her after she is missing, and is suspected of having gone to someone else, in search of love.

What Saarika is doing in this movie is beyond my comprehension. Surely, she could have found a better role for a comeback? The only benefit of doubt I can give her is that she might be strapped for money after splitting with Kamal Hassan and did this for the moolah. Though how much money she could have got from such a low budget movie is anybody's guess.

That brings me my biggest peeve with this movie. Whatever the hell Ranvir Shorey was thinking when he decided that the expression that he carried throughout the movie was the most hilarious, it was certainly not so. In fact, he looked such a crude caricature of absolutely nothing that I could have banned him from acting ever again. Surely, a cricket crazy Income Tax clerk who is doing a favor for his office friend and rival in cricket fan-dom could be played with more panached and a nuanced portrayal? Just a twisted face and a funny walk are not enough to bring the laughs out in an audience which has come expecting some subtle humor laced with witty interludes and sparkly dialogues.

And this is precisely what is wrong with this movie. The makers have promoted it as a subtle comedy, appealing to the high brow and yet have made large parts of it in a way that can only be appreciated by the relatively lower strata of society. Needless to say, the movie becomes a sad medley, a perfect example of the sum being much less than its parts.

Brilliant in parts, pathetic in others, Bheja Fry comes true to its name.


i kind of liked it..

got nice funny moments.. even his innocent way of saying "its ringing" or his self assured laugh "ha ha ha"...
ranvir was not upto the expectations..but never the less liked him in parts..
milind was laughing too much.. rajat was good.. sarika ..non existant..
but vinay is awesome ..

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