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journalism in the pits

This is absolute bollocks !!!

I have never had very high expectations from the Times house in terms of journalistic ethics and I really do understand their need for more masala than news in their rags, but surely this is going too far.

While surfing aimlessly through a lot of sites, I happened to reach this indiatimes page and lo and behold I see a link screaming 'Sameera may hook up with Bong guy'. Now I dont care who Sameera hooks up with and would have just moved on but for some inexplicable reason I clicked on the link and I reached this page.

Now what exactly in the article suggests that the said lady is likely to get involved with a gent from the aforementioned community is something that I leave to your intellect.


for the very first time ..I agree with you..ITS RUBBISH!!

Nice layout. How r u? :)

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