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Surprise! The Aussies are World Champs !

So Australia win it again. Yawn !!!

As if SL had had a chance. One swallow does not a summer make and one Jayawardane knock, and a grinding one by the most generous descriptions, does not make the SL batting look formidable. It is one thing to collar a rather pedestrian NZ attack after settling in and belting them to all corners and another entirely to deal with a hungry, very hungry Oz attack led by the redoubtable McGrath.

I mean think about it. Bracken has taken wickets at the top of the order almost everytime he has bowled. Tait has been mostly unplayable at top pace and if you survive both of them then, only then, do you get the privilege of facing, and most likely succumbing to, the premier fast bowler in world cricket at the moment, Glenn McGrath, on his swansong and clearly in the mood to go out on an insurmountable high.

If anyone had complaints about the Aussises losing Warne, well Brad Hogg has proven that they don't miss him. This is not to say that Hogg is as good as Warne, which he certainly isn't but is a clear indictment of the rather sorry standards of batting for the rest of the world.

To state the bleeding obvious, this World Cup has been the most one-sided in a long time. But that was not because the Australians were par excellence. That withstanding, a large part of the blame lies with the other so called premier teams in world cricket, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and one must add, India.

The others have simply wilted under the constant attack of the Aussies who are rapidly attaining mythical status. 4 finals in a row, 3 World Cups in a row and no one even close to being a steady competitor, barring New Zealand perhaps. This is not good, for cricket, or for anything else.

Tomes will be written about this World Cup and hundreds of experts will pontificate on why the Aussies won but the bottomline is, they won because they wanted to win. The others didnt want to win, at least not badly enough to plan 4 years in advance and take actions accordingly.

Lets hope the Aussises get bored of this World Cup winning business and decided to take it easy, very very easy, the next time round and some other team, one hopes it will be India but they will be hosting the finals and that rather quashes one's hopes, manages to get hungry enough to wrest the cup away.

Otherwise, we might as well declare the Aussies world champs for ever and have the rest of the team play for the Rest of the World Cup. At least, we will get to see matches instead of mismatches.

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