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Nitai has had an accident

Just wanted to inform everyone who knows Nitai, our beloved Baba, that he has met with an accident, in the form of a stationary car on the Ring Road, in Delhi, in the wee hours of the morning while on his way to the airport along with my younger brother, on his bike.

He has suffered severe injuries and his collarbone and hipbone have not taken very kindly to this sudden attempt to break their alliance with his other bones and have decided to go on a bender.

Consequently, he is bed-ridden for a considerable duration, maybe more than a month, at the Trauma unit of AIIMS.

Needless to say, he has his family and a large complement of his friends and office colleagues to take care of him, with the rather notable and quite regrettable exception of yours truly who happens to be in Pune on official business.

He is quite stable at the moment and recovering quite nicely, partially due to the excellent care he is recieving and largely due to his robust constitution. Everything that should be done for him, medically and financially, is being done and he is able to speak on the phone, though with a slight effort.

Here is wishing him a speedy recovery and a prompt return to his old philandering..err blogging ways.

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hope nitai is doing well....:)

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