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World Cup - Group predictions

A quick summary of the groups and the teams likely to advance from them.

Group A (Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Holland)

The group of the biggies. No surprises here. The kangaroos and the springboks are going to make it to the next round. The only question of interest, what will be the outcome of the match between them? That match is likely to give an indicator of the things to come.

Group B (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bermuda)

The group that will have maximum TV viewership by far. Sri Lanka are sure to advance. So would have been India, if they had not shown clear signs of discord within the team. And their fielding is decidedly the worst of all teams in the group, Bermuda pointedly not excluded. Will Bangladesh spring a surprise? I don't think so.

Group C (England, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya)

New Zealand will top the group. England will be distant second. Period. TV viewership likely to be in single digits. Even if Canada or Kenya upstage England, the rest of the world will most probably not know, or care, until the super eight round has started.

Group D (West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland)

Clearly the group of death. West Indies, Zimbabwe and maybe even Ireland have a tough fight for the top spot. Pakistan can rest content with the second. Just Kidding! The Pakis should top this group comfortably, unless they choose to implode spectacularly and scrape through barely, only to go on to lift the cup. They've done it in 92 and are the only ones capable of doing it again.

My Super Eight line-up -

South Africa
Sri Lanka
India/Bangladesh, I hate being ambivalent but Bangladesh look likely on current form but I am keeping fingers crossed
New Zealand
West Indies

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