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This is life

The circumstances: Rain from Friday night till Sunday afternoon. A chill sweeping through the region. No sunshine for the past two days. Frustrated with sitting at home, twiddling our thumbs, doing virtually nothing.

The lit-bulb-in-a-speech-bubble-over-the-head idea: Chai, its never tea, and piping hot samosas at a stall in Patparganj, a nearby Colony.

The transport: Nitai's Alto, our transport vehicle of choice and frequent chariot of duty at odd hours.

The passengers: Self, Nitai, driver and sponsor, and Ashish, my bro.

The drive: Serene, uneventful, excrutiatingly slow due to Nitai's whim, accomplished with minimal fuss.

The unforeseen complication: Cannot sit on the chairs outside the stall due to the rain. Must be seated to be able to do justice to the samosas and chai.

The solution: Restaurant-in-a-Car !

And so it was that all three of us sat in the car with my seat back pushed all the way down to act as a table. I held the samosas in a paper bag in my lap and the green chutney in a plastic bowl in one hand. Ashish held the red chutney in his hand. I spread a few tissues from Nitai
s car dispenser and we were off, enjoying some mouth-wateringly delicious samosas with totally heavenly adrak-waali chai under an overcast sky with a steady wind blowing across and the constant patter of tiny raindrops falling around us. Pure bliss !

u knw smthng evn i luv tht stall n the samosas ther n obviously the tea...bt cm 2 think of it i hvnt had it for quite sm time nw...

maida...what was the rating of the chai? 10 on 10? Aaj kal kya kar raha hai...sunne mein aaya ki IIMK mein junis bahut gyaan de rahe the...UK kab vaapis ja raha hai

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