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Ravi gets hitched

Our dear ole' pal Ravi, of the raw cabbage eating at IIMK fame, fell for the vily charms of Deepti from Pitampura despite our most well-meant entreaties. And since he was considerate enough to marry during one of the few days I was actually present in the NCR region, I had no choice but to head for his in-laws' place to share his last day of happiness and freedom, 10th December,2006. Let this go on record on my blog for posterity.

Ravi about to enter the pandaal astride his ghodi.Ravi on his Ghodi

Ravi sits below the stage and kills time by chatting.
Ravi waiting to head for the guillotine

Finally, the moment arrives. The Jaymaal ceremony is over. And notice the glow on Ravi's face.
The post-Jaymaal glow on the sod's face

The final pic. Ravi and Deepti with all the IIMK junta.
The newlyweds with us buffoons

Best of luck to both Ravi and Deepti with a double dose of wishes for the bride since keeping the gentle giant, the besan, in good humour (read appetite) is not going to be easy.

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