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Pichchurr Hall - Kal - Yesterday and Tomorrow

A movie with a title as tacky as this is usually best left avoided. However, I remembered it for the fact that it had Chitrangada Singh leaping out at viewers from the posters of the movie and I have been an ardent admirer of hers from her Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi days.

And so it was that I started watching this movie on TV a couple of hours earlier. And what a rewarding move this turned out to be. First and foremost, what caught the attention was the rather unusual and almost documentary style in which the movie has been shot. The director has deliberately stayed away from the rather theatrical style of shooting that is the hallmark of all Bollywood and even most Hollywood movies.

This unusual visualisation is enhanced by the use of natural sounds, topical to the scene, as background score which lends it a rather I am there feel to the affairs. Those who have seen Hazaaron... would recollect the similar style used in that movie. The similarities between the two movies do not end here. The willingness of the actors to use modern lingo liberally interspersed with cusswords that are common today is again something that is common to both the movies.

As if that is not enough, the movie also shares its lead cast with the previous movie. Shiney Ahuja again reaffirms my belief in him of being the next stellar method actor to emerge in a long time. But I will not write about him, however excellent he might have been. And the reason is quite simple and its called Chitrangada.

She has lent a sheen to her character that is quite amazing and hard to match. Sizzling in her role as the betrayed friend and lover, she makes her mark in a movie filled with superb performers of the calibre of Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla and Gopi Desai.

The only disappointment in the movie was the rather arty, depressing, climax which is probably the reason this movie sank without a trace at the box office. But that should not take away from the excellent execution of almost everything. And of course there is Chitrangada. She is reason enough to watch this movie.

And just as an afterthought, this movie has Murad Ali in a cameo appearance. Now most of you would be thinking, "Murad who?" and I will not blame you. So here is a pop quiz for you ignoramuses.

He delivered one of my all time favourite dialogues of all time -

Addressing the lead actress of the movie, he said, " Myself Badri Sankar, brother aff Gauri Sankar, farmer prejjident aff Uniwusshtee. Please bhote far me. If you gib me vote, I will gib you...... clean campus, clean uniwusshtee, classes on time..."

And if you cannot place him after this, well, I pity thee !

P.S. Can someone explain the rationale behind the naming of this movie ?

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