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Kitaab Ghar - The Evening News

It has been a long time since I reviewed a book. This does nto mean that I have not read anything since then. Its just that most of whatI have read since then has been either something about which endless tomes have already been written, like PG Wodehouse, or something that doesnt deserve to be written about, like Agatha Christie's supremely disappointing Passenger from Frankfurt.

But Arthur Hailey's The Evening News was different. It was quite a revelation after the mind numbing Forsythes and Collins of the world. You might find it slightly incredulous when I admit that not only was the book quite an engaging read, there were two separate points in the narrative which brought me on the verge of tears.

The story, as is evident from the title, revolves around a news channel. Crawford Sloane and Harry Partridge are the two heroes of the tale. The common thread that joins them is Jessica, Harry's former love and Crawf's current wife. Both are at loggerheads with each other as their ambitions clash until the kidnapping of Crawf's wife brings them together in a desperate cross-continent effort to rescue the kidnapped.

Painstaking research brings the atmosphere of a major network to life, while superbly crafted situations lend just enough etching to the characters to make them believable. The side characters are given adequately detailed treatment while the love angle of Rita Abrams, a producer and Chuck Insen, the network chief, bringing welcome relief from the tense and rather frenetic pace at which the main story progresses.

Suffice to say that I started reading the book in the train on my way back to Delhi from Vadodara and was so hooked that I continued reading it all through the night by the dim light of the tube glowing at the door of my compartment.

Hailey impresses at first attempt. Now where can I get a copy of Airport or Wheels ?

have you yet found a copy of airport or wheels?

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