Monday, December 25, 2006

Perfect DUS

I am sure I have mentioned it earlier on this blog, but I would like to re-iterate it once more. DUS was an excellent movie and deserved much higher accolades and recognition than it got.

Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bachchan, Jayed Khan were all magnificant in their roles. Pankaj Kapur was his usual brilliant self and even Suniel Shetty, did I get the spelling right?, managed to turn into the character that he was portraying.

A thrilling plotline, nice elements of surprise, and a tight yet poignant climax, this movie had it all.

Its too bloody brilliant !!! and pardon my french.

Wish there were more movies like this and not utter tosh that keeps going around in the name of cinema like Vivaah, Bhagam Bhag and Baabul.

Shiny New Template

Hi readers,

In accordance with my recent New Year resolution, I have revamped the look and feel of this blog with a shiny new template.

While I do not really expect anyone to be bothered, but I would really appreciate it if you would provide some feedback on the same.

And of course, if there are any glitches anywhere, please report the same to me.



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pichchurr Hall - Kal - Yesterday and Tomorrow

A movie with a title as tacky as this is usually best left avoided. However, I remembered it for the fact that it had Chitrangada Singh leaping out at viewers from the posters of the movie and I have been an ardent admirer of hers from her Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi days.

And so it was that I started watching this movie on TV a couple of hours earlier. And what a rewarding move this turned out to be. First and foremost, what caught the attention was the rather unusual and almost documentary style in which the movie has been shot. The director has deliberately stayed away from the rather theatrical style of shooting that is the hallmark of all Bollywood and even most Hollywood movies.

This unusual visualisation is enhanced by the use of natural sounds, topical to the scene, as background score which lends it a rather I am there feel to the affairs. Those who have seen Hazaaron... would recollect the similar style used in that movie. The similarities between the two movies do not end here. The willingness of the actors to use modern lingo liberally interspersed with cusswords that are common today is again something that is common to both the movies.

As if that is not enough, the movie also shares its lead cast with the previous movie. Shiney Ahuja again reaffirms my belief in him of being the next stellar method actor to emerge in a long time. But I will not write about him, however excellent he might have been. And the reason is quite simple and its called Chitrangada.

She has lent a sheen to her character that is quite amazing and hard to match. Sizzling in her role as the betrayed friend and lover, she makes her mark in a movie filled with superb performers of the calibre of Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla and Gopi Desai.

The only disappointment in the movie was the rather arty, depressing, climax which is probably the reason this movie sank without a trace at the box office. But that should not take away from the excellent execution of almost everything. And of course there is Chitrangada. She is reason enough to watch this movie.

And just as an afterthought, this movie has Murad Ali in a cameo appearance. Now most of you would be thinking, "Murad who?" and I will not blame you. So here is a pop quiz for you ignoramuses.

He delivered one of my all time favourite dialogues of all time -

Addressing the lead actress of the movie, he said, " Myself Badri Sankar, brother aff Gauri Sankar, farmer prejjident aff Uniwusshtee. Please bhote far me. If you gib me vote, I will gib you...... clean campus, clean uniwusshtee, classes on time..."

And if you cannot place him after this, well, I pity thee !

P.S. Can someone explain the rationale behind the naming of this movie ?

Ravi gets hitched

Our dear ole' pal Ravi, of the raw cabbage eating at IIMK fame, fell for the vily charms of Deepti from Pitampura despite our most well-meant entreaties. And since he was considerate enough to marry during one of the few days I was actually present in the NCR region, I had no choice but to head for his in-laws' place to share his last day of happiness and freedom, 10th December,2006. Let this go on record on my blog for posterity.

Ravi about to enter the pandaal astride his ghodi.Ravi on his Ghodi

Ravi sits below the stage and kills time by chatting.
Ravi waiting to head for the guillotine

Finally, the moment arrives. The Jaymaal ceremony is over. And notice the glow on Ravi's face.
The post-Jaymaal glow on the sod's face

The final pic. Ravi and Deepti with all the IIMK junta.
The newlyweds with us buffoons

Best of luck to both Ravi and Deepti with a double dose of wishes for the bride since keeping the gentle giant, the besan, in good humour (read appetite) is not going to be easy.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Kitaab Ghar - The Evening News

It has been a long time since I reviewed a book. This does nto mean that I have not read anything since then. Its just that most of whatI have read since then has been either something about which endless tomes have already been written, like PG Wodehouse, or something that doesnt deserve to be written about, like Agatha Christie's supremely disappointing Passenger from Frankfurt.

But Arthur Hailey's The Evening News was different. It was quite a revelation after the mind numbing Forsythes and Collins of the world. You might find it slightly incredulous when I admit that not only was the book quite an engaging read, there were two separate points in the narrative which brought me on the verge of tears.

The story, as is evident from the title, revolves around a news channel. Crawford Sloane and Harry Partridge are the two heroes of the tale. The common thread that joins them is Jessica, Harry's former love and Crawf's current wife. Both are at loggerheads with each other as their ambitions clash until the kidnapping of Crawf's wife brings them together in a desperate cross-continent effort to rescue the kidnapped.

Painstaking research brings the atmosphere of a major network to life, while superbly crafted situations lend just enough etching to the characters to make them believable. The side characters are given adequately detailed treatment while the love angle of Rita Abrams, a producer and Chuck Insen, the network chief, bringing welcome relief from the tense and rather frenetic pace at which the main story progresses.

Suffice to say that I started reading the book in the train on my way back to Delhi from Vadodara and was so hooked that I continued reading it all through the night by the dim light of the tube glowing at the door of my compartment.

Hailey impresses at first attempt. Now where can I get a copy of Airport or Wheels ?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Job Dissatisfaction

changes in life
Posted by: name withheld
Tue Dec 12, 2006 11:31 pm (PST)

Hi friends,keeping the job hopping tradition of our batch alive i switched to name of company in a Product management role for their I banking division at blore.

This is the latest in one of many emails that I have seen in the group mailing list for my batch at IIMK. It set off a chain of thoughts which are centered around the one question that has kept cropping up in random discussions of my batchmates ever since we passed out in March 2006 - "are we really happy with the prestigious jobs we took during placements?"

If the multitude of such emails is any indication, the answer is more no than otherwise. In fact, in a few cases, the haste to switch jobs has been so extreme that it makes one wonder if one day on the previous job was spent with any degree of happiness.

There are many facets to this matter, in my opinion. Firstly, I am convinced that the mad rush that is placements at an IIM is one of the prime reasons that goads each student into pushing for the most high paying job that he can land. Furthermore, most of us tend to get swayed by the brand of the companies that come to campus during those fateful adrenaline-rushed hours and end up taking offers that we were not even contemplating before placements kicked off.

After this, we join our respective companies, with visions of making a difference and a mark for ourselves. We see inefficiency, apathy, even absolute stupidity in the way things are being done in our companies, and we see immense potential to improve almost everything around us. But we are not allowed to do so. Whether it is the meaningless roles we are assigned or the totally unresponsive people around us, our efforts run against a wall. And to make matters worse, we also want to ensure an adequate work-life balance and are hence unwilling to give more than a pre-determined number of hours to our work. In short, we are unhappy with our work and yet we are unwilling to pay the price of making the effort to improve the same.

And add to the same the extraneous factors like the unhappiness of not living in our hometowns for most of us, the pull from rival companies, the jealousy factor of batchmates drawing higher salaries, and probably many others that I am not aware of, and you have a heady mix that is quite capable of swaying the most level headed among us.

I am sure that the scenario is similar for ex-students of any premier B-School in India. But the question that remains unanswered is "What is the way out of this?"

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