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The Mohinder Amarnath effect

This is the nth attempt to kick some life into the long comatose and by now certainly moribund limbs of this non existent blog of mine so please bear with me for a quick cocking of the snook at the detractors of this blog.

Ah, now that is done, let us get on with the rather important and serious business of putting down my own thoughts and ideas into the hallowed portals of this online repository. In short, lets blog !Preliminaries taken care of, I would like to remind my ever so loyal readers that this blog is merely a reflection of my thoughts expressed at that particular moment in time and is in no way indicative of my general opinion about any matter, my socio-economic bent of mind or my political leanings.

Having said that, it also does not portend to be a barometer of the general mood that I am in at the moment of putting thoughts to a post since there are myriad different factors that color my initial perception and their subsequent interpretation on my blog.Lest you fail to note that this blog is a whimsical flight of fancy for my over verbose mind, let me point you, o beloved and much loved reader, towards various past entries on this blog, made at random intervals with no regards to frequency or keeping the readers hooked, that are clear and irrevocable items of proof that this blog is indeed, only slightly more than a decidedly prejudiced and extremely biased take on life and its ever so many silly little inanities.

And even though I couldn't care less, in true television soap and good autobiographical movie tradition, this blog is not a reproduction of anything that remotely approaches reality in any form anywhere in this cosmos. Any resemblance to any living being, publication, blog or website is not co-incidental but a direct attempt by the such identified entity to plagiarise what is a most highly prized intellectual property and is a vile indicator of how far plagiarism has spread its dirty tentacles of imperialism. Any hints, comments, accusations or allegations that this blog is, in fact, the plagiarist in question, shall be summarily dealt with and prosecuted, if necessary. Beware of Dogs.

why such a waste of space for a mere disclaimer? tumhe ashu-toast ki aadat kabse lagne lagi? he he...
khair... i realised not only was i your 13000th visitor, but also managed the 13001st entry.. dont ask how:P

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