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what an ad

This does it.

I have watched hundreds of UK TV ads in my stay here in the UK. And almost all of them have been mind-numbingly boring, barring very few notable exceptions. And many times I have felt like blogging about some of the worse-than-usual ones. And each time, the effort required has put me off.

But this ad I saw spurred me to write about it. So here I am.

Just to give you the context of the product, here is a pop quiz.

The product is called WEETABIX. It is a breakfast cereal.

Question 1 : What is it made of ?

Question 2 : What form (shape) does it come in ?

Those of you who said Wheat and biscuits as the anwers, treat yourself to a packet of Weetabix when you come to the UK next. It is available in every hotel and grocery store. And please, just in case some of you try to get cute, do NOT send me the bill.

Well, so when the same company decided to launch a brand extension, basically another biscuit shaped cereal made of Oats, they launched this new ad campaign.

The ad shows a couple sitting on a roadside, sipping tea, with a totally blank expression staring into the horizon. Their backs are towards the road.

A huge truck rolls to a stop behind them. The truck side has an ad of the new product with its long name. The driver gets down from the truck and stands next to them. The couple looks at the truck and the driver tells them that Weetabix have come up with a new product made of oats, and they have called it, believe it or not,

The guy says, "good name". The wife says, "they should have called it Oatabix".

The scene cuts to a frame of the new cereal with the name Oatabix and the voiceover goes, "Oatabix. The new cereal from Weetabix. Its oatilicious"

Mummmeeeeeeeee !!! Bachaoooooooooo !!!

not relevant, but when will u ever change that disp pic on your blog?is it this kind'a pictorial date or soemthing that you identify with?

is ths blogger alive???

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