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spank KANK

I dont even want to bother with writing a review for this mindless piece of inanity thrust upon us unsuspecting Karan Johar loving Indian masoom janata.

The only redeeming features are the Bachchans. The rest are crap. Karan has lost it.

This one sucks. In the negative sense of the word.

i totally agree wid u...karan johar has lost it completely.

not very likes.. lost it that is... considering his apparent sexual consideratin.. ad then, what use expecting anything from a guy who never delivered int he first place?

I loved the movie. Karan Johar has potrayed a valuable reality in a beautiful way.
In my opinion, only 2 kinds of people don't like the movie:
1) who had great expectations form it
2) whose moral ideals got challenged

Swati : thanks

pbbbbbb : he did deliver the first time.. this was a complete waste of time

Subbi : I didnt like the movie, as is quite obvious
I never had any expectations from it since I had an inkling of the story in the first place
And as far as moral ideals are concerned, i think mine never existed.

So there has to be a third category of ppl who dint like the movie -
3)Normal people wanting to see a nice movie.

btw, did you know that this movie was apparently copied from a jap movie by wong kar wai? its called...' in the mood for love'.. just saw a clip from it in my intro to media class and apparently even the original is wuite soppy... perhaps its what asian masses in general expect...
or, perhaps, in extention to what you said in response to what subbi had to say- expecting a good movie isnt a crime...

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