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Pichchurr Hall - Lagey Raho Munnabhai

Very rarely does a filmmaker make a movie with his heart and soul in it. And rarer still, is enough application and dedication by the entire team to make it a commercial as well as a critical success.

Munnabhai MBBS was one such movie. Its sheer simplicity of theme and total lack of pretensions of being a great pathbreaker of a movie, combined with the heartwrenching honesty and passionate portrayal of its main characters made it one of the very few movies that warm cockles every time you watch them.

Sanjay Dutt, Bollywood's second favorite whipping boy, after the much-abused, and deservedly so, Salman Khan, redeemed himself in my opinion with his amazing transformation into Munnabhai, the quintessential Mumbai goon with a heart of gold.

Arshad Warsi, finally gave a performance to match his stellar debut, and established himself firmly as the master of comic timing in a role that was bound to be overshadowed by the hero Munna himself and still managed to portray a memorable sidekick.

Boman Irani put life into the rather cliched heroine's father' role and Jimmy Shergill's portrayal of the ailing and eventually dying patient was nothing short of sterling.

So when you come to know that there is sequel planned to what was already a cinema masterpiece, you are quite sceptical and wary of the result.

Well, it was with this level of trepidation that I downloaded Lagey Raho Munnabhai.

I needn't have worried so much. Right from the first frame, I could sense that while this one was not going to beat the original in anyway, but it was definitely going to be another watch-worthy movie.

While I was quite appalled at the extent of Gandhism, or Gandhigiri, I love that term, in the movie, considering my extreme rightist political viewpoint, and was quite wary that it would make the movie insufferable, I realised that the essence of Munnabhai movies, was not lost of diluted to any extent.

Munna was his usual ebullient and loveably goofy self. Circuit was peerless and its a credit to Rajkumar Hirani and Arshad himself that this character remained exactly the same as it was in the first movie.

Boman has been retained for integral part in the first movie, but he should not have been turned into a Sardar. He never did get into the skin of the character, the Parsi self was not concealed effectively.

Perfect movie for taking your girl, or guy, to. Worth the auto fare, the ticket, the popcorn, the soft drinks, the dinner afterwards and the kiss at the end of it all.

Go watch it.

so... my guy isnt here, and i cant go out with him, does that mean no popcorn, coke, dinner and the after dinner kiss for me?worse still, i dont get to watch munnabhai at all?i guess then going with bascom would be a bad idea, no?and dont tell me its a date movie?
o c'mon!!!! or are u dissuading me from seeing it now so we can watch it together?;)

Sahi mein adi, Even I m not a movie freak but munna bhai is somth..which refreshes me .This time me n 2 more frnds made sudden plan to rush for the movie..cuz fin crisis we all for very 1st time experinced how it feels to be seated in Dress Circle!!!

Being munna bhai...all L.S -H.S features were ignored n Gandhigiri was adopted ..i even used it for one of my frnd..guess who???

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