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look at the moon

I got a call from a rather excited Piyu today asking me to rush to the window and look at the moon. She was quite enamoured with the surreal beauty on display and wanted me to soak the same in.

The only glitch was, it was 4 PM here in the UK and considering that the sun does not deign to set before seven in the evening, the possibility of me being able to spot the aforementioned majestic moon was quite remote.

And so it was a rather sheepish Piyu who asked me, rather feebly this time, to still wait and make sure that I did look at the moon in the night.

And I am glad I did. The moon is looking so breathtakingly beautiful tonight, I still cant find words powerful enough to describe the serene calming influence of the moon.

Yes Piyu, it really is beautiful. Thanks for the tip.

for a change, i'm rather glad to say, that i told u so!hee hee...
have fun.. take care

Yes It is true there are no words to describe the serene and yet engulfing power of moon.
Its Lulling allure can capture several hearts and thus tried by many and yet unexplained aura of our dear moon
Great attempt ....Take Care

hey, who's the otehr one who chooses to be anonymous?

To janaab aajkal chand dekhne lage hain.... Good Good!!

The post reminds me of the song:
"chaand ko kyaa maaloom chaahataa hain use koi chakor;
wo bechaaraa door se dekhe, kare naa koi shor" ? :))

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