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what the hell

Will someone please explain this ?

silent ringtone

Apparantly, adult humans can not hear above a certain frequency but children/teenagers can.
This ringtone is in that range thus making it a 'silent' ringtone for the teacher/parents. Pretty out there- right!

Hmm.. I m very frequent with this phrase "What the Hell?"

The reason I use it wenever such situations in my life come..which i jsut dont like and are unwanted and more on that I m totaly frustrated at that point of time.

nd BTW..why are u using so adi..Waise ek baat bolu ....hell se achi koi jagah nahi..apne sare dost log wahi hai[:)] n u n me are also goin to be there..dont worry!!

n i dont kw aur wala sahab ne kis chiz ka answer diay hai??

How r u? Are u back in India or still in Norwich??

where is "baroda monologues".i want to read it. dont send it as an attachment coz opening a word attachment on comps out here is like attempting suicide.. send me the link.and u're sending me the link. i want to read it.finish.bossy arent i?but i wanna read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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