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What do I call this?

It was a random event in my rather eventful life that forced me to put my title as Aditya..is sad on Orkut. It was just a reflection of my sentiment at that time. I didn't think much of it at that time.

But it triggered a whole series of reactions. I got scraps, yahoo messages, Gtalk messages from all over the place asking if everything was okay. It was overwhelming and hugely gratifying.

What was the icing on the cake was my dear sis Surabhi calling all the way from the US just to know if everything was fine with me. I spoke to her after 8 years and it was so nice. Her voice has assumed this rich graceful quality and her manner of speaking has evolved from the chirpy happy go lucky kind to this modulated smooth and soothing one.

It was a treat talking to you sis. Thanks for calling.

And thanks to everyone else too. The concern was touching and is appreciated. Muchas Gracias !!!

u r a lucky guy adi.so many ppl luv u n care 4 u.u knw its time like ths wen u cm 2 knw abt it.

hmm..thanks anon..
u r right.. and u r 1 of those ppl too aren't u.


oh...so now i got to know y ur orkut name often changes...n i guess i also scraped u ..n ym u to find where r u...isn't .

n subbi name is preety cute..may always ur sis talk to u wenever u want her..tk.

you are such a sweet person...i wish i had a friend like you...i also wish your friends will realize that you are such a rare find... :)

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