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Update on the harry potter post

Well, the sis in question below has raised a strenous objection to the assertion that the aforementioned Harry Potter story has similitudes of varying degree with a multitude of films from various eras of Hindi cinema.

Considering the hold that she has on me right now, I had no choice but to bow down to her wishes and hence I concede, under emotional duress I must add, that any resemblance in any Harry Potter book with any other piece of entertainment of any type from any region from any time is merely happenstance and does not construe any act of wilful violation of either copyright or plot schematics.

wat an excuse for a disclaimer!!!!!! u might as well have a disclaimer for the disclaimer.. its vain, vague, and far from diplomatic.surabhi should demand a more heartfelt disclaimer as well!!!
hail surabhi!!!:))

trying to discover myself .. need help..reply to orkut msg

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