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a tale of two cliches

Young hero,obviously good looking, hard working. Lost his parents in an accident. Staying with evil relatives who give him a hard time, treat him worse than they would treat their dog and deny him the simple pleasures of life.

Beautiful heroine with a heart of gold. Living with ideal parents who are quite well off and are large-hearted too. A big many number of brothers who are quite fond of her. Heroine has a very soft corner for the hero.

They study in the same school/college and are don't see eye to eye initially.

The hero's friend. Bumbling, a bit eccentric, not so manly, but quirkily nice and occasionally brave. Can be relied upon for comic relief.

The evil guy with amazing power. The intriguing group of people out to destroy or at least subdue him. The mysterious man with secret capabilities. The breathtaking scenery. The inevitable match of some sport at which the hero saves the day for his team at immense odds. The even more inevitable scene of the hero and heroine stuck together in the night in some scary place.

Sounds familiar ? Can you guess the movie ? Can you name the most likely person to be playing the hero's character ? the heroine's ?

I am reasonably sure that it is a Hindi movie that you are thinking of. Which era that movie belongs to is a direct function of your age but since the audience for this blog is predominantly of the same age group, I suspect its the mid to late 90s you are thinking of aren't you ?

Write your answers on a paper first before proceeding onwards please.

Done ? Good. No, no I do not doubt your honesty. Its just for more security you know :-)

Now, remember the first Harry Potter book or movie.

The realisation dawns ???

JK Rowling has been applauded the world over for writing a story that is so refreshingly new and her unprecedented success has been ascribed to the same.

And all I can think of is that she has a bunch of Bollywood DVDs stashed up in her home and all she is doing is munching popcorn while she watches one hindi potboiler after another and just reduces the ages of the characters and change the settings. The plot, the interplay between characters, the sexual tension, the victory of good over evil is all the same.

And then people blame Anu Malik for plagiarism. Not fair, I say !!!

Good read though. Even though Piyu made me read it almost by threatening to do some unmentionables to me, I recommend the books for light reading.

its strange how the book left u so unintrigued... well, obviously u need to read more to know more than just that.neither is hermione the heroine, nor is ron a bumbling sidekick.
i wish u'dve given u'rself a chance to understand the deepest recesses of a character like ron.someone with brothers and a sister who've all outdone him in something or the other, if nothing else, being in danger. i wish you'd've read the second book where he saves harry risking an injury to himself on the chess board for two of his best friends... yes, hermione and ron do end up getting together(sorry to spoil the suspense for you, but i dont think u were too eager to read the sixth book anyway), but the harry potter series is more ridiculous than just that.
yes, the stupidity of harry having mastered quidditch is simply a too unbelievable; him winning the duel with voldemort is outrageous and his victory in the triwizard tournament is unforgiveable, but think about it: when u say that here's a book thats as cliched as the word itself, what makes it click? is it the plot or the characterization?ofcourse not...
the world's classics have never consisted of original plots or situations, its the style and unfolding of events that makes them as enjoyable and popular...
it took me about four years before i joined the potter fan bandwagon, but i'm proud that i can be objective about it and belong to a group of people who appreciate rowling's version of a fairytale without being blindfolded to its shortcomings.

I subscribe to the ideas expressed in the above comment with whole-hearted conviction


i wish i could be this passionate again. i wish i could be friends with you again. you may delete this as soon as it appears. but it won't stop being true.

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