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Pichhurr Hall - Corporate

There are some people in this world who will not recognise a good film if "good film" is written in bold and scrolled across the top of the screen in a ticker.

Madhur Bhandarkar has already delivered two highly assured movies in Chandni Bar and Page 3 and yet the critics didnt pause to reflect on his latest offering, Corporate.

This movie has all of Madhur's trademarks aplenty. The drivers and peons explaining the pecadilloes of the leading people are a regular feature now. And in a refreshing change from the typical Indian fare, Madhur does not hesitate from using the relevant inside jargon. Terms like shareholding and even concepts like majority stake, management control through shareholding, and even market capitalisation on the basis of projected share prices for an IPO, all of these are rather pleasant surprises.

This is quite a contrast from the traditional Indian assumption of the viewer being too dumb to understand this kind of lingo. What moviemakers must realise is that very rarely can a movie today appeal to every Indian citizen. The story pretty much dictates the audience that is likely to be interested. And hence, one the story is decided, the viewers are more or less set in stone. Hence, it makes much more sense to give them a far realistic experience by using the relevant terminology than just using generic catch-all phrases.

I must admit, at the onset of the movie, I wasnt quite enthusiastic and a large part of that stemmed from the fact that Bipasha Basu was a part of this movie. And the only movie that Bipasha has acted, or rather been visible in, and yet not turned the movie into a disaster, was Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai.

However, while I still hold the belief that there were many other actresses that could have done more justice to this role than Bips did, I must admit that she exceeded my expectations by far. So full points to her for doing the best in her limited histrionic range.

KK is a different story. For the best part of the movie, I kept wondering why he even bothered to be a part of the movie. His role was so insignificant that I could not understand why an actor of the stature of KK could take it up.

Similarly, Achint Kaur, a far better actress than many give her credit for, Ekta Kapur's serials notwithstanding, looked totally wasted. However the 15 minutes in the climax, if it can be called that, where KK explodes into a frenzy of anguish and guilt are proof enough that he is one of the more accomplished performers we have today.

All others did their parts well enough. One notable fact is that Madhur got his entire cast spot on, right down to last typist and peon. No role looked like enough thought had not gone into its selection.

One area where Madhur keeps succumbing to this urge of his is to have an item song and it is beginning to irrtate me no end. However, in all fairness, you do need a catchy dance number to keep your movie in the trailer wars on telly these days if your lead cast does not the magnetic appeal that a Kabhi Alvida na Kehna has.

Payal Rohatgi should either be guillotined or sent away to Guantanamo Bay for some rather rough treatment at the hands of the Yank GIs. Her dances are repititious, boring and atrocious. She must stop doing item numbers. For my sanity if nothing else.

Another bit of feedback that I have heard a few times about this movie is that it is a bit overboard and that things dont happen in such a dramatic fashion in real life. And while it is very easy and perfectly ok to go ahead and defend the same by saying that movies must be overboard to be interesting, I would personally challenge that view.

Having witnessed both business and political deals of large magnitude being struck right in front of me many a times, I can say with authority and confidence that everything that was shown as happening in the movie is something that I have seen or experienced personally and is, hence, accurate.

In terms of grouses, the one bit that stuck out was the rather sudden fall in tempo at the end of the movie. Madhur doesnt seem to have thought of a proper ending because it does tend to feel quite an incoherent termination to a rather engrossing tale.

Apart from that, it might sound a quibble to most of my readers, but I found it ridiculous to show KK sitting at the window of his flat, which is in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai in Mumbai, and looking over the Bandra Worli sea Link through the glass. It aint possible and it is stupid. Especially because that does not add any value to the story in any manner whatsoever.

Barring these, I did not find anything wrong with the movie and I have even burnt it on a disk for my personal library and that is the
biggest compliment that I can give to any movie.

So, please watch it. In my opinion, it is very likely to be the sleeper hit of the year.

Did madhur gave u the sales&promotion deptt. U r a Rock Star!!!

I've not yet seen Corporate yar...but sounds kool one..n gud u watching pics.nd i think, if u 'll watch Omkara then toh..abusement cell ke heado hoge tum..

Waise mast tha yar...

bakwaas chod... yeh bata Bips kaisi lag rahi hai ?? [:)] .....

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