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random samachar

Among other notable stuff watched was a three part movie on iTV names The Triangle which was a brilliant story woven around the Bermuda Triangle. The best part of this movie is the way it serves up numerous facts about the famous region off the eastern coast of the US and mixes some tantalising bits of storytelling to produce a totally compelling docu-drama. Definitely worth a watch.

Also seen, again, yesterday night was Kelly's Heroes, a story of a band of American soldiers in the Second World War based in France who find out that a bank in a town in German control holds 16 million dollars worth of gold and decide to loot it. Its a good movie only because of the way it depicts how greed for money can bring together a rag tag group of soldiers who are not at all keen to indulge in any serious fighting and would rather find any excuse to to go home than battle it out on the frontline. Nice bits of humour just add to the patina. And having Clint Eastwood and Donald Sutherland in the cast doesn't do any harm either.

On the anvil are United 93, the docu-drama on the plane that was supposedly destined for the White House on 9/11 before the passengers attacked the hijackers and Omen 666, the remake of that classic of horrific proportions. Hope to see the latter on the day it should be seen, today.

Another advantage of being in football-crazy Britain is the endless series of football based programmes across all channels. I couldn't have hoped for more in the run-up to the World Cup.

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