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The Queen gives kids a present

I am watching this amazing thing on TV here in the UK. Its a live transmission of a program that has been organised to celebrate the Queen's 80th Birthday.

Its basically something similar to what we Indians are used to seeing during New Year night on TV. But its more well thought and planned and the entire British star cast is present.

It was basically an elaborate pantomime which has all the classic children's favorites like Noddy, Winnie the Poof, the Famous five, The pirates of the caribbean, Robin Hood and a lot more. And there were characters that were played by the super stars of British television and cinema.

In the audience were about 2 thousand kids selected by a random draw from all over UK. And boy, did those kids have a good time.

Based on a simple premise of the missing purse of the queen, it presented a spectacle that was as engaging as it was endearing. Cute and stunning, well-thought and innovative, bright and funny, it was all of these and more.

I am having a good time :-)

I love the way you write.

All the posts! I have been reading them for a while. Some of the topics are pretty boring though (Sports- ughhhh movies- double ughhhhhh)(just so you know thats me vomiting :-) )

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