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Pichchurr Hall - The Whole Nine Yards

Decide to make a comedy. Get Bruce Willis to act as a suave mobster in it. Then pull Matthew Perry off the 378th episode of FRIENDS. And then get two absolutely delectable ladies to act as the mandatory sultry ladies pining for love. And you have the almost perfect recipe for a cracker of a movie.

Bruce, a contract killer, on the run due to a contract on his head, moves in next to Matthew, a dentist living with a gold digger wife with homicidal tendencies. The Dentist recognizes him and tells that to his wife. She tells him that he should squel on Bruce and collect the finder's fee and threatens him with not granting him divorce for life unless he agrees when he seems reluctant.

This is the gist of the movie. What happens next is more or less a series of situations that are written with comedy in mind and so I wont spoilt it all for you so breathe easy.

What spoiled it for me was something that keeps bugging me whenever I see it. You have this rather ordinary looking, middle class harried male chap who comes in proximity to a lovely high society lady who is obviously way over his league and who falls for her. Totally.

Now this happens all the time everywhere in the world and is no big deal. We all love to fall in love with things and people who are beyond our reach, don't we?

Well, what bugs me is that this everyday fella actually says or does something stupidly inevitable and she girl just starts seeing him in a different light and before you can say "wallah" your boy-next-door has got himself some serious eyecandy.

Having seen more than my fair share of this nonsense, I could see the obvious indicators of something similar happening in this one. And that would have been fine. Only, this one was even more blatant. The guy looks at the girl. The first opportunity he gets to talk to her, he commits himself to saving her life while staying in the house of the mobster who is going to kill them both. As if that was not enough, they actually have a proper roll in the hay as well. And to rub it in, she actually says that it felt pretty good.

The next time he gets a chance to talk to another mobster, who has killed the first one, and who is again very interested in killing both of them, he, the rather harmless, seriously-out-of-his-depth chap with no idea what to do, he proclaims that he won't allow her to be killed because he loves her. Mind you, this mobster is the husband of the lady in question.

And just to make it totally maddening, the lady in turn almost immediately concurs and proclaims her love for him by giving up on 10 million dollars to be with him. Yeah, rite !!!

Watch it though, if just for the sit-com effect.

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