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Pichchurr Hall - Posiedon

Many years ago James Cameron made a movie that cost a gazillion bucks to make and became such a huge hit that it made them many times over. One of the prime reasons why it became such a big hit was the sheer scale of everything that was depicted. It was new. It was a first. It was mindboggling. The world would never be the same again.

And all this would have been fine. Except it created a problem as big as the Titanic itself for anyone else trying to make another film with the threat of the seas as the basic premise.

Titanic had not been made when the Poseidon Adventure was made, but it was when Poseidon was created and that is where the problem begins. There is no way you can watch a single frame of this movie without comparing it constantly with Cameron's masterpiece and there is no way anyone is going to score anything there.

The movie is an earnest effort and it shows. A couple of scenes are spectacular and the one where Dillon dives into a pool of fire is pretty breathtaking. The rest of the characters are pretty adequate and do exactly what they were supposed to do, nothing more.

What I liked about this story was that there was no preudo-moral babble about saving as many passengers as possible. Just a tale of a group of people who were only concerned with the wellbeing of their dear ones and themselves. In fact, it was this seeming selfishness that lent the air of desperation to the whole affair and made for some compelling viewing in the later stages.

Definitely good for an evening with no other work to do. Try to watch it with some nice company and you might even come away with a feeling of satisfaction at an evening well spent.

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