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Pichchurr Hall - The Omen 666

Well, I did it. I watched The Omen on 6.6.06. Yes !!!!

Thats the excitement bit. But that's more or less it. If you have either read the book or seen the original movie, of which this is a rather soulless, how appopriate a word that was, eh ?, remake, then I suggest you give this one a miss.

The story is a faithful reproduction of the original movie, except the interpretations of the events predicting the birth of the anti-christ have been modified to fit recent events. However, what this movie fails to do entirely is capture the sheer air of terror that the original movie had managed to instill throughout its length.

You are just not scared !!! Yes, there are three scenes where the meek-hearted ladies in the audience jumped on their neighbours and made them very happy, but the fear just doesn't build up anytime. A classic horror flick manages to slowly increase the anticipation of something horrible about to happen to an extent where you emit a full throated shriek just that split second before the actual event has even registered and been processed by the brain. That is the hallmark of all good horror movies.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what the director of this movie had never heard of. He knew about acting, he knew about awesome cinematography, he knew about the crisp dialogues and surely knew about sticking to the book. But that's more or less all he knew.

What a waste !

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