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Pichchurr Hall - Humko Diwana Kar Gaye

Akshay Kumar has done so many movies based on this story of being engaged with someone only to fall in love with someone else that one begins to wonder if Twinkle Khanna is not beginning to get paranoid about it. The story is stale,and the direction rather mechanical.

Add to that the sheer lack of energy from all performers which is in stark contrast to Bhagyashree's rather excessive attempts to prove that she can still act and Bipasha's by now rather nauseating turn as the supermodel with attitude and you are left with a movie that would have been a total disaster if not for Kat.

Katrina Kaif is simply stunning. She is the best thing to hit Indian screens in a long time. She is one divine gift to humanity. And one of these days, I will wring Salman Khan's neck. Bugger, talk about God being unfair.

Anyway, I am becoming emotional here. Sorry Sallu, I hope you are jailed for 500 years for killing those animals. They are important and you can't just kill them, ok ? Someone needs to be punished and its you I nominate. Sorry mate, tough luck but someone must pay. Sonali, Saif and the others can go though. You shouldn't be too harsh, they are only human.

Oh God, someone stop me. I was talking about the movie then. Yeah, a couple of the tracks are catchy and did indeed rule the airwaves for some time. Thankfully not for long.

Nothing else comes to mind. Oh yes, before I forget, somebody tell that fella who used to be Jaspal Bhatti's favorite sidekick in those hilariously madcap comedies from yesteryears to cease trying to act in movies. He just aint got it. There is a limit to the hamming you can do on the silver screen before someone comes out and actually kills you. I mean, a pakistani called Nawaab Shareef ?? What were they thinking ?

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