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Pichchurr Hall - The Benchwarmers

A group of nerds, always taunted by the macho bullies of the world, want to play baseball but they are not allowed to and are permanently consigned to be the reserves, the benchwarmers. Only they meet another nerd who is surprisingly good at baseball. Backed by big money from a benevolent father of another nerd, a former benchwarmer himself, they take on all the big bully baseball teams in a competition whose winners get a brand stadium for themselves.

A potential heartwarming tale, this movie fails where it mattered the most, connecting. In an attempt to show the nerdiness of the nerds, the movie falters horribly and manages to alienate the audience. The nerds come across as not some nice but soft people who were bullied by the bad boys, but as a silly group of idiots who are not good for anything and hence deserve to be the benchwarmers.

And once this fatal flaw has entered the movie, nothing, not even rather energetic performances by the cast could save this one from total disaster. Cineworld doesn't allow taking even still cameras inside the movie halls otherwise I would have shown you photographic evidence that there were a total of 5, yes FIVE people in an evening show for Saturday, only the second day of its opening. There were three of us, watching this movie because there wasn't else to watch and there were two other girls. I wish we had hit on them. While we were highly unlikely to score, the odds in our favor would still be higher than those for this movie.

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