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Pichchurr Hall - Ankahee

Aftab Shivdasani can not act for nuts. I cant believe how Vikram Bhatt could have chosen him to play the role of Vikram himself. Despite my doubts about the acting skills of the cast, I was still waiting with anticipation for the movie because of the story.

Well, I have seen it now and can't say I regret it. Though, honestly, this movie was certainly not worth waiting for. Not by a long shot. Esha Deol redeems herself in her spirited portrayal of what the entire world, apart from Vikram himself, believes to be Sushmita Sen but Amisha Patel is yet another example of miscasting of epic proportions. Vikram could have picked up almost anyone else in the entire industry and they would have done better than these two. The odds on such a totally hopeless casting were so low, I could have put my entire life's earnings on it.

If I could somehow ignore this aspect of the movie, the other parts acquit themselves rather well in comparison. The music does its job while not standing out, something thats a characteristic of Pritish Nandy moview and the supporting cast do their roles with enough of efficiency to not stand out as sore thumbs and yet not reaching anywhere even remotely close to being memorable.

Mind you, I am talking about the supporting cast here. And, however unfortunately, that excludes the chap who plays the role of Aftab's close friend who should not have been an actor. In fact, he and Aftab are so hopeless that when the two of them share screen space, and that happens far too often, its pure torture.

Watch it if Sushmita fascinates you or your girl insists on watching it. Be ready for some generous doses of Amisha-special bucketfuls of glycerine and Aftab's rather creditable impersonation of a recent escapee from the loony bin.

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