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Argentina V Germany is my final

Things have changed a bit since my last post.

And nothing has changed more than England's confidence and self-belief after Beckham bent like,well, Beckham himself, and curled a free kick into the near corner of the Ecuadorian goal just now. England are getting dangerous now. But they still dont have the pedigree to go all the way.

Brazil is a different story. Ronaldo is fatter than the German coach but he is far more gifted than any German player and he turned in a vintage performance against Japan suggesting he could very well turn the clock back as he seeks to establish himself as the best World Cup Striker of all time. Divinity beckons, and Ronaldo looks to be getting ready to embrace it.

Argentina met their first serious threat in the form of Mexico. The commentators were all in a tizzy with anticipation and yet no one was bold enough to put their money on Mexico. But barely 3 minutes into the match and you could see that Mexico were not going to go under. They meant business, serious business. And what resulted was the best match of the World Cup so far, by far. Attacking, free flowing, champagne football.

And it was again a slice of divinity, a sheer masterpiece of the scale of Mona Lisa that denied Mexico the chance of the biggest upset in this world cup. Rodriguez's goal is one of the all time best goals in my humble opinion and it sunk Mexico.

In the meantime Germany have quietly moved into the next round with a clinical demolition of Sweden. And this has setup a quarterfinal clash that has the potential to be the most explosive ever. Argentina, in magical form, and Germany, ruthless, efficient and very determined to take the big one home this time.

Reserve your calendars ladies and gentlemen, that is going to be one cracker of a match.

i think it will be italy this time..
ur argentina lost out :)

its italy and portugal in the finals this time

what say mate?

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