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Pichchurr Hall - Prime

Every now and then, a movie comes that has no pretensions of being an epic for the ages. It just has a very simple premise for a plot, some earnest actors for its roles and a director who is totally convinced about what he wants to do.

When these magic ingredients come together, what results is always something that is so pure, so beautiful that you are left with no choice but to sit back and think about life and the world the stars and the people you love and the woods and your priorities in life and the birds and what do you want to do right now and honey and everything else that is nice and worth living for.

Prime has a very simple and beautiful premise. 37 year old Uma Thurman finally decides to divorce her husband to get rid of the pain and agony that her married life has brought her. She is also consulting a Psychiatrist to counsel her through her difficult time. Her counsellor, Meryl Streep, is totally supportive of her decisions and encourages her to open up to the possibility of meeting some people and see if she can find someone special.

Uma agrees to look, and runs into Bryan Greenberg, and sparks fly almost immediately. Everything is nice, except that Bryan is only 23 years old and is Meryl's son. To make it worse, Meryl, being Jewish, wants her son to find a Jewish girl for himself.

After about an hour of nice cute plot twists everything ends the way it must and everyone is happy. But what sets this movie apart and makes it watchable is the sheer luminiscence which both Meryl and Uma lend to the story. They life it from any watch-it-only-on-TV movie one that you must must must watch the first chance you get.

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