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Pichchurr Hall - The DaVinci Code

Dan Brown has four well known fiction titles to his credit. Of the four, The DaVinci Code is the weakest in terms of plot strength, flow of the narrative and sheer credibility. However the one area where it scores above Angels & Demons to some extent and Deception Point and Digital Fortress almost entirely is the sheer scale of furore its inherent premise could cause.

The assertion that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God but a human being with a wife and a child, is certainly more agitating than Bernini leaving a series of markers towards the church of the Illuminati, the premise of Angels & Demons, or NASA finding an alien object deep under the ice only for another scientist to figure that it was all a huge hoax with potential political implications in the US, the premise of Deception Point, or a disgruntled scientist inserting a virus in TRANSLATR, the ultimate code-breaking computer developed for the NSA, the premise of Digital Fortress.

And that is precisely the reason why TDC got made into a movie before any of the other three, out of which Angels & Demons remains my clear cut favorite. Having read all the four books, I was quite sceptical about the movie and didn't really think that the movie would be able to reach any heights of excellence.

Couple that to the fact that Tom Hanks was starring as Robert Langdon meant that my hopes were really really low from this one. I just could not bring myself to accept that an established start like Hanks could play the rather nerdy Professor of Symbology from Harvard.

Well, I was wrong. Hanks managed to pull it off, and pretty superbly at that. A nice and faithful rendition of the book, TDC managed to portray everything that the book essentially hinged on, without ruffling any conservative feathers.

There have been wide scale protests about the movie in India and in many parts of the world. I was quite amused by the same and couldn't figure what the brouhaha was all about. Now, having seen the movie, I can only pity the ignorance as well as arrogance of the poor sods who were protesting against the movie.

Its just a story, told reasonably well in the book and brought to life on the screen with dexterity. Nothing more. The protests are as pointless as the movie is harmless. Go watch it for Tom Hanks' restrained portrayal of a Professor of Symbology and for the sheer taut pace of a thriller that the movie runs at. Even if you are a devout christian. Its fun all the way.

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