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Hello from Her Majesty's dominion

Hello everybody, if there is anybody left, that is. The last time I updated this blog on a regular basis Napoleon was still marching on Russia and it doesn't look good at all. But then, you can always depend on me for coming up with innovative excuses every time and I have more than one of those this time as well.

Being one of the first of my IIMK batch to join our respective companies for a life of bondage and slavery, I was left with no choice but to try and attempt and live the rest of my life in the few days of freedom that I had left before I was enslaved by corporate life. And this is exactly what I set out to do and so it was that I toured the length and breadth of the country with different people at different stages of the same.

And so it was that I had that most memorable tour of the Kerala Backwaters, saw a sunset and sunrise at Kanyakumari, stayed at Club Mahindra resort in Munnar, Walked along sun-bathed Goan marinas, ambled in a seaside park in Kochi, explored bits of Gujarat,and topped it all with a couple of days at home in Allahabad.

And of course, amidst all this frantic touring, the blog got totally ignored. And to make matters worse, things did not improve even after joining my company since I haven't managed to sort out the net connectivity issues there. Though I haven't accomplished much yet in terms of work, but the hectic schedule has meant that the blog remains ignored, sulking and desolate.

As if that was not enough, just when I was beginning to look forward to an easing of the pace with which I was being sucked into things at the office, a bolt of lightning hit me from nowhere in the form of a brief query, " You have a passport, right?"

Before I knew, I was rushing to get my visa, going to the Travel Desk at my office to collect my Virgin Atlantic ticket and the mandatory envelope of foreign exchange, British Pounds in this case, and other associated knick-knacks and on a nice saturday morning, I was on my way to boarding my flight to Heathrow airport.

So here I am, nestled in a cosy room at the Holiday Inn, watching some asinine game of what the television channel calls fussball, while I am confident it is football, and having a cup of steaming coffee, and wondering what exactly is going on.

I am here on an assignment which was introduced to me with the words - " We know this project is vague. We know there is no metric to chase and there is no defined path to follow. We know we don't know what we are doing. I hope you know that." and trust me, those words were understatements, if anything.

I was also told - "But do not worry. There is a team already in the UK. And they are experienced people. You have to work with them, together, to make it a success. Just be confident and work hard. You will be fine." And at my first brainstorming session for the topic, the first words addressed to me were - " So Aditya, now that you are here, tell us what should we do ? What do we need to do and how do we go about doing it ? We have absolutely no clue about this project and what it means."

A promising start, isnt it ?

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