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The Continental Breakfast

My hotel accomodation in the Holiday Inn here includes something what they call the "Continental Buffet Breakfast" and that name is quite interesting.

The only thing continental in it is the fact that people from all continents are forced to go through the agony of consuming it. For the life of me, I can't figure out the "Continental" influence on Bread, Butter, Fat spreads, more bread, marmalade, flavored yoghurt, cheese, even more bread, whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk,earl grey tea and even more and more bread.

Another astonishing aspect is the total absence of any form of salt or pepper anywhere in the entire hotel building, leave alone the breakfast table. Why would the Brits inflict the torture of a breakfast totally devoid of salt is beyond me. No I am not exaggerating. They really do not have any salt. I think that is the reason they do not have a restaurant at all. I mean, even the Brits couldn't manage lunch and dinner without salt, could they ? After all, what else could they possibly sprinkle on their beloved potatoes baked with the skins on ? Its funny to think that the humble potato, the staple food across India, is a much revered and almost exotic item on the menu here. Its a pity that the vast majority of these unfortunate people will never know the delights of piping hot Alu tikki and Alu Paranthas.

Being a vegetarian also does not help matters and I would have probably gone mad by now due to this total lack of vegetarian options in traditional British cuisine if it was not for the entrepreneurial spirit of my fellow countrymen here in Brittany and retail chains like Tesco and Asda but that is the subject of another post.

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