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I m employed again

It can be called a sheer co-incidence or whatever else but I am mighty pleased that two of my very close friends, Deepu and Paro started their new jobs, (MS for Deepu and Summer training at the Ambani clan for Paro) on the same day that I started my second innings in the corporate world.

Joining formalities are complete and now I am a bona fide employee. No one seems to have a clue what I have been hired for which means no work for me. I kind of like this situation. Hope this lasts ;-)

mubarak ho bhai...kuch party ho jaye..kahan join kiya hai? pune?

pata hai bahut ladkiyan hai office mein..
par kabhi kabhi hamein bhi yaar kar liya karo
ek phone hi karna to hai.. kanjoos mat bano
btw do click some nice pics of gurgaon (not girls) and post on ur blog or whereever i can access it.
now am going back to work... enough timepass in a day.
........and good u started writing... me still deciding when to start again... am nt well.. cold...

btw dont think i need to write my name here...

my condition is critical now. getting worse actually
btw can access gtalk(messenger works) and also yahoo mesg thru a website.
so try to be online. kuch khaas baat karni hai.

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