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Pichhurr Hall - Rang De Bakwaas

Every now and then a movie is announced with much fanfare and causes such a groundswell of public opinion in its favor that a strong opening is pretty much given months in advance. Story, direction, narrative, acting, compositions all cease to have any meaning.

And when you have the master of reclusive, and hence supposedly excellent, acting Amir THE Khan himself as your lead, it becomes even worse, or better, depending on your point of view.

The slick promos of RDB left me a bit disoriented. A robot like Amir jerking at Michael Jackson-esque angles in front of a firang girl in the middle of some ampitheater like setting, A bucking bronco being ridden by Amir, again, as if he has just finished the London Derby, half naked youth running in grass fields while jets scream overhead, and the soundtrack in the rear suggesting helpfully, Rang de Basanti, what is all this supposed to mean?

It is only when I started watching the movie that it dawned on me that the title comes from the original song that was made famous by Ajay Devgan in The Legend of Bhagat Singh. Okay, okay, I know it was sung by the original Bhagat Singh but still, I speak only from my own experience ;-) It would have helped if the promos mentioned this trivial link with Bhagat Singh somewhere in the promo but then any Rakesh who has a Y in his first name somehow obviously knows better. Yeah yeah, I know that was irrelevant but still had to put it in.

The first half is pretty tolerable though Amir Khan as five year out of college is quite unpalatable. And "Sue kar mere man ko, kiya tune kya ishara" is not quite my idea of sublime poetry either.

The real trouble is in the second half. Nicely tear inducing scenes apart, there are some obviously outrageous things there. And the second half is what makes me angry, very angry.

It is rarely that a movie forces me to feel irritated at its naive attempt at trying to be so many things, movie, entertainer, comedy, tear jerker, social statement, patriotism booster, Doordarshan documentary, stinging political commentary and a lot more at the same time. And I am insulting DD documentaries here.Due apologies.

A lathicharge on a group of protestors who could be obstructing a thouroughfare =
The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ????

A defence minister in this country, a corrupt one mind you, signs a deal for sub-standard parts for a MiG. The parts get delivered, are needed, are used in a plane, malfunction, the plane crashes. Since when did deals like this start getting finalised and completed within 5 years, the tenure of a government in India ?

And why is only the minister and not the Military top brass responsible for the same ?

If someone is corrupt, you have every right to pick up a gun and shoot them dead? Anyone who is deemed to be their crony, on the basis of a TV report, must be killed as well ?

No one is guilty until proven, anyone ?

And then you take the All India Radio building hostage, broadcast to the nation why you did what you did and the entire nation commends you for your bravery. Is this what this country is coming down to ?

To each his own? What happens to the legal institutions in the country?

What is the kind of message that we are trying to convey to the youth of the nation ?

And what makes it all sacrilegous is the fact that all of this nonsense is justified by drawing senseless and inane parallels from Bhagat Singh's life and times.

If this is path breaking cinema, if this cinema that shakes us out of our reverie, if this is cinema to make us think, then I dont want to leave the path. I dont want to get out of my reverie. I do not want to think.

Why dont these esteemed gentlemen stick to movie making ? For all its shortcomings, Aks was way easier to digest.

Gimme my regular escapist fare of Bunty aur Babli or Zinda anyday.

And what was that about a senior leader in a political party throwing a glass of tea on the face of his junior, who is then pummelled by everyone else present ? Do they really expect us to believe that kind of shit is possible ?

Political differences are not settled with glasses of tea. Acid bottles, petrol bombs, swords, pistols, kattas, tamanchas, rampuris, yes but not tea. Not tea.

wah janab wah.
arreh huzoor ...wah taj kaheye.

btw tea anyone? kinda lonely here..;)

----u know me

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