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I won

After more than two hours of running madly around the campus, looking under pots, wash basins, behind commodes, under chairs, behind bushes and even inside printers, I finally finished the treasure hunt first and hence I get the prize mentioned in the previous post.

It started off pretty discouragingly for me and if I had not had the experience of conducting two treasure hunts as part of KONNECT, I would have given up. I kept plodding on and was finally able to crack the second clue, on which I was stuck for about 15 minutes due to a misunderstanding.

The next four clues went by in a breeze, I acknowledge the comprehensive support provided by Sandeep Gopal here, thanks mate, and after some more hunting I reached the clue no. 9 which seemed to have put quite a lot of teams in a bind. After a quick google search and connecting it with the commercial plaza on our campus, I ran all the way down to it and was rewarded by the security guard with the clue.

This gave me the tenth clue and again this was a tricky one and I saw many people scratching their heads, googling furiously, trying to crack it. A random flash in my head connecting a term given in the clue replicating with printers, a link that turned out be wrong, made me guess the Computer Centre and it turned out to be true.

The last clue was a bit complex, consisting of two parts. The first part was a cryptic phase which if decoded instructed the reader to use Google to translate the different words given the second part back into English from their respective languages. Another team from my own hostel, JC and Vishak had got the last clue just before me and were trying to figure it out. I had not cracked the clue but since I saw the words kantina and dispensador in the second half, I conjectured that the coffee dispensor in the canteen could be the final answer and so indeed it was !!!

And now I am going to get a 3 day / 2 night stay at Club Mahindra 5 star resort at Munnar for two. I am one, any one wanna join me ?

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