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How do I feel

I feel like a kite, whose thread has been cut off, careening aimlessly, with an entire sky of possibilities open before it, but without any ability of steering itself anywhere.

I feel like a pet dog, which everyone says they adore, but lock it up when they go for a movie, and which is called upon and admired for its performances but never asked if it wants to perform at the moment or not.

I feel like a traveler, with no idea of his destiny, plodding on, and his effort fruitless yet obdurate.

I feel like a handicapped person, aware that he is falling down from his high perch, but powerless to stop it.

I feel like an undiscovered source of precious metals, having immense potential to enrich its founders, but unable to do so since the founders haven’t looked in its direction.

I feel like a soul hovering over its dead body, looking at everyone grieving over it and wondering why exactly they are sad since the essence, the soul is still intact.

I feel like a piece of cork tossing and turning on a stormy sea, thoroughly drenched but floating, tormented but defiant, unaware of its destiny yet battling.

I feel like a passenger who is in an alien land, lost in transit.

and i feel like an idiot .... reading through ur whole post!!!

------ u know me;)

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