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bahane of absence

The last some time has gone by in a whirl of passing vehicles and assorted form of transport as I spanned the length and breadth of the country in sporadic sojourns. If I look back to find reasons for the same, I am a bit surprised to find that there isnt any specific purpose apart from a desire to know more, to see more, to get out from the rut I seem to find myself in, to break free and other such nonsense. If you do not understand any of this, you are probably normal. If you do, please drop me a line. I would like to hear more from you ;-)

And it doesnt look likely to stop in the near future either. With my course coming to an end, on the cards are trips to Lakshadweep, Himachal, Kashmir, and many other not so glamorous locations. In fact, as far as my tentative schedule can indicate, I will be more or less on the road non-stop from 28th February to 29th March.

This of course does not mean that I will not be doing any roaming before then, its just that Backwaters, IIMK's annual management fest, has tied me down to some extent. So the wanderlust must be kept on a leash till 22nd Jan, after which I shall be totally free :-)

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