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the unsavoury saga continues...

Well, just when I thought it couldn't get any murkier, it does exactly that.

For most of the readers, the IIPM vs Blogosphere story is certainly well known by now.

Starting with JAM Magazine's expose on the institute, and Gaurav Sabnis' impassioned support of the same, things took a ugly turn when the institute in question decided to serve legally notarised and tagged email notices to both of them for alleged defamatory comments with dire threats of all kinds of action.

As if that was not enough, they went on to start a concerted campaign of commenting on blogs in favor of IIPM and lambasting anyone who dared to think beyond their blubber and spoke against them. They even stooped so low that they started posting extremely personal and uncharitable comments to an extent that certainly constitutes libel and slander.

Not satisfied, they put pressure on Gaurav's employers, IBM, to force him to apologise, failing which they threatened to burn all the laptops they had purchased from IBM. IBM did not succumb, at least thats what Gaurav himself says, but Gaurav still resigned from IBM, stating that he does not IBM to get any negative publicity due to him.

As more and more bloggers started pitching in with their support for the embattled duo, IIPM's legal cell went into overdrive, serving more notices and broadened its campaign of vile comments to include other blogs too.

Stung by this blatantly outrageous behavior, the blogger community has joined ranks with both Amit Verma and Desipundit maintaining a rather comprehensive compendium of all the voices being raised. Do visit them for the latest on this topic.

In the meantime, inspired by Arzan's research into IIPM's international connections, which threw up some interesting bits of information, and then some more, Gawker, of The Renegade of Junk, snooped around in the websites of both IIPM and IMI, the institute that awards degrees to IIPM students, since IIPM is not recognised by any statutory body in India, and found some remarkably unsavoury things.

Digging deeper, Transmogrifier, of Transmogrified, found some remarkable similarities between the websites of IMI, BBS and EBMS.

But hold on... IMI and EBMS both have same contact address, phone numbers and both have campuses in Antwerp and Brussels, as we can see from their contact pages (IMI, EBMS). So, could it be that there is just one school with two websites and two different names? Why? I don't understand this.

Now you will say, "So what? What about BBS? It is physically at a different place (Barcelona) and has a different name too." Very well. I presume it must be having different students too. I think it is highly improbable that these schools located at different places can have the same students. But guess what... different students studying at different schools have surprisingly come up with "exactly the same" testimonials [IMI, BBS, EBMS] singing the glory of these schools. Or was it that "BA graduate from Russia" simply attended all of these schools and found that they are really the same. Curiously none of these students seem to have any names or addresses.

Looking into the nitty-gritties, Puneet, of PuneetWorld, found that IIPM sympathisers are trying to influence Google and other Search Engines' rankings for their blogs and websites by questionable methods. Read it here. Its pretty interesting to say the least.

I frankly wish someone got down to the bottom of this whole murky thing and brought everything into the open.

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