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tips for finding "luuuuurv" online

Here are some handy tips for those who are still on the look out.

Hello, I am a boy — No no no! NO! Don't explicitly state that! Let it be apparent from your email. And if you have to state it, for the love of God, please do NOT refer to yourself as a boy. A guy maybe but not a boy. Boy is not macho. Bond didn't set his martini down, turn to the drop-dead gorgeous babe next to him and say 'Boy. I am a boy.' Yep, there was a darn good reason for that.

I would like to make friendship with you — The most famous of all cringe-worthy sentences. Credit her with the sense to realize that you are not sending her an email to discuss the price of tomatoes. Unless she is a tomato-farming blogger, in which case that might be a good way to start a conversation. But I digress. The intent to know her more is already apparent in the sending of the email. You are writing to 'get to know her' not to 'make friendship' with her.

Read it all here. Do not miss the comments at the end.

Well quite right... when u want to say u love someone never say it... let it be expressed.

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