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Bharateeya Blog Mela Nominations invited

Yes, the Bharateeya Blog Mela is going to be here, on this blog. Please send in your nominations, and referrals. You can use either the comments on this post or email me at indiagenie[at]gmail[dot]com.

The rules remain the same -
o All nominations must have been posted between 6th October and 13th October,2005 (both dates included).
o You are free to nominate any post that you think is worthy of mention. An India-based theme or origin would be ideal, but thats a very flexible rule.
o Nominations close 14th October 12 noon. (But nominations still need to be for blog posts within the time window specified in the first rule).

Barring some misfortune befalling someone, the Mela should be available by 14th midnight.

So start the barrage.

A nomination: Rogue's Gallery

Hey nice blog! I just want you too know that I have a dublin hotel blog/sie too!
It's a free information web site for discount hotel rooms!
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You should check it out if you get a chance :-)

My Nomintation - Britannia & Co

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Two posts to do with Navratri

Navratri in Afghanistan

No Condoms No Dandiya

I Nominate this post

My nomination too!

Self Nominations -

1. Evil within the four walls


2. Parsi Community - Role model for India


Where is the mela? out with it!

A trip to Afghanistan!!!


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