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Alum Matters

I am totally at a loss of words here.

Sometime back, Rashmi of Youth Curry and editor of JAM Mag, and IIM-A alumni to boot, published her opinion on the rather aggressive claims made by a B School in North India, lets call it BSINI, and refuted most of them.

Another IIM Alumni, and active blogger, lets call him IAAB, commented on the same and supported most of what she had stated.

This happened a long time ago and all was quiet and peaceful.

Then suddenly, a few days back, many blogs with dubious names appeared on the blogosphere and then IAAB posted the "legal notice" that he recieved through email on behalf of the aforementioned BSINI and was aked to remove all his blog posts related to the topic and publish an apology for the same.

Now this IAAB was apparently so popular that, unsatisfied with the "legal notice", the BSINI went ahead and pressurised IAAB's current employer, a multinational IT firm, lets call it TBB, to force IAAB to apologize.

IAAB, clearly torn between principles of free speech and career obligations, decided to take the road less taken and resigned.

Meanwhile, lots of supposed admirers and supporters of the BSINI have begun a massive campaign in the blogosphere of commenting on all blogs related to the matter and rubbishing all claims and opinions against the BSINI. Especially vitriolic are the comments on Rashmi's blog.

What is the truth ? You decide. I am feeling sick. Very sick.

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