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sawaal paanch hazaar ka

This blog recently crossed the 5000 hits mark. The 5000th visitor was on my blog for 58 minutes 16 seconds and reached it using the search phrase "deepak nautiyal shashank aditya" in Google. Interesting indeed, considering that this trinity is my original set of childhood buddies. Both Deepak aka Deepu and Shashank aka Mukki have found mention on this blog previously.

The mystery visitor accessed the net using a Satyam Broadband Connection, from somewhere in India. Now will this lady/gentleman please disclose their identity before I start spamming the mailboxes of everyone from my school/college days in Allahabad ?

kee farak paida hai baauji ki kaun tha visitor as long as wo tha/thi.

BTW, next term ki French babes are HOT :)

@Nitai: Pata hein, pata hein ki next term ki French babes are HOT!! Lekin ye to bataao ki koi HOT bandaa bhi aayega ki nehin.:)

@IG: Sorry yaar for using ur blog as a communicating platform. :D

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