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sangadak vigyan ke vichitra halaat

Things in my beloved home town of Allahabad, have been getting curiouser and curiouser, to put it in Lewis Carroll's famous words from Alice in Wonderland.

Yesterday, when students of the B.Sc. stream in Allahabad University showed up for the FOURTH paper of Computer Science, they were handed the SECOND paper !!!

On further enquiries, it was revealed that the professor himself had set the SECOND paper by mistake !!!

Now,what possible kind of mistake could involve a professor not realising which subject he is supposed to make the question paper of ?

Let me see...

Letter to the Professor -

Dear Professor Ji,
You are hereby requested to prepare the question paper for "C programming and Object Oriented Programming" for B.Sc. IInd year supplementary exam and submit it to the Examination Controller's office latest by 31st August,2005 in strict confidentiality.
On submission of the same, you will be issued an "Supplementary Work Statement voucher (examination)" which you can submit to the Accounts Section for payment of the Allowance for the same in your account.

on behalf of the Examination Controller

Allahabad University

The Professor (thinking) : Hmm.. bugger it ! Why can't I be allowed to just enjoy my work, overloaded poor fellow that I am ?

Here I am, taking 1 out of 3 scheduled classes, showing up late for every 3 hour practical session by 1 hour atleast, and not attending any seminar organised to train the faculty of the university on effective usage of IT, which has resulted in the Fine Arts and Sanskrit teachers putting IT to better use than myself, a professor in the Computer Science department, and they give me this impossible task of setting a question paper,again ???

What a grave injustice, this ? I mean, preparing a question paper is hard work indeed. You have to write out 6, in hand no less, questions culled from the past 10 years' question papers,and allocate 36 marks among them randomly. Its not like I can use a word processing application for the same, since I dont know how to use them as I haven't attended any seminars to learn it.

It has to be manually written, 150 odd words of text, for which I get a measly 1500 rupees as Allowance.

I wish something could be done about it. I mean, why do all this drama ? I am not going to read the answer scripts anyway, who has the time and patience ? I will just skim through the pages and randomly scribble numbers on a few of them. My assistant will then total the numbers and if it comes out to be more than 36, he will divide it by 2 to get the "New Improved Total".

Hell, I know what I will do. I will make a xerox copy of the questions I had prepared 3 years back for "Microprocessor design and Programming" and submit the same for this paper too.
Aam ke aam, guthliyon ke daam.

What is worse is that if this scenario is indeed what happened then all the professor had to do was the change the title of the paper from "Microprocessor design and Programming" to "C programming and Object Oriented Programming" and no one, including the students, would have been the wiser.

Trust me, I was there for three years and have seen the absolute apathy among both faculty and students for the rigors of academics. Hell, if one or two students would have complained about the paper, they would have been told to copy from their neighbours and shut up since they obviously haven't studied properly and don't know their facts right.

God save the computer science students of the Allahabad University.

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