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Pichchur Hall - Salaam | Namaste

Crap. Utter crap. Except for the credit roll at the end.

Guy and gal meet. Fall in love due to a variety of reasons. They get to know each other more after moving in together. Circumstances lead to the realisation that they have different priorities, different takes on how a life should be lived. They split, only to realise that they cannot live without each other,despite the differences. They come back together and probably live happily ever after. What the hell is new in that ?

The live-in angle was supposed to be the big deal. Intimate sex scenes and the usual stuff. New wave. Modern cinema. Give me a break. Have a look at any of the dozens of typical Hindi movies being churned out by the dozen these days. Loads of physical contact, smooching, even overt sexual activities on display. The stories are set in any time and any location. The guy can meet the girl in Paris, take her to a restaurant in New York and then to a hotel room in Switzerland, all in the same day.

In such a world, what exactly is the big deal if the couple are shown staying together. In fact, it is more of a live-OUT than live-in in this movie since they both have to go to their jobs and hence cannot devote all their time to each other or fighting the bad guys or singing around trees in the rain or swinging from trains in the alps.

So that takes the wind out of what is supposedly the USP of the movie. The rest is pedestrian anyway. The music is not just forgettable, it barely registers with the title track probably good for playing 2-3 times on the FM channels, nothing more. The acting is insipid and forced, at least from the lead pair.

Even Circuit, aka Arshad Warsi, is uncharacteristically subdued. Save for some outrageous hamming from Jaaved Jaffrey and a brief but entertaining cameo by Abhishek Bachchan in the climax, which is inspired by Nine Months, the rest of the cast is merely going through the motions.

Though I hate to admit it, but the Chopras and Johars were probably right in casting the King Khan as lead in their movies. At least the hamster's energy was infectious.

The credit roll is damn funny though.

Damn right! I found everything about the movie contrived, the situations, the characters, even the disorder in the rooms! No one throws 3-4 mags on the floor ever! Not even the brattiest, untidiest of ppl do such things, for god's sake!

Try Kal-yesterday and tomorrow (and pass it on to me if you get your hands on it). Very slick. Superb acting by all concerned. Chitrangda is brilliant. THIS is new wave. This is modern cinema. Cinema like it should be. Iqbal's quite good too. Naseer is fantastic.

SN was a bloody waste of time and money!

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