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of bans on dance bars and elections in bihar

After the ban imposed by the Maharashtra State government on dance bars, the bar girls, devoid of a source of living, are doing strip-shows in far flung rural areas in Bihar, as part of the campaigning for the state assembly elections.

The coming elections have galvanised politicians of all hues to indulge in all sorts of unscrupulous activities to entice the voters. In fact, the more influential Sarpanchs are even being provided with prostitutes from Mumbai and other metros in guest houses hired specially for the purpose.

In a typical entertainment programme, there is a mix of popular Bollywood ditties and folk songs, on which the girls dance and slowly shed their accoutrements.

Charging a minimum of Rs. 6000 per show, their prices vary as per the venue. Dancer groups from Buxar, Gaya or Muzaffarpur charge upto Rs.10000 while groups from Kolkatta can charge upto Rs.25000.

Go vote. Its your constitutional right and obligation. Now if only, my college vacations coincided with the elections to allow me to vote.

Of course, His highness Minister of the wonder of wheels called the Indian Railways and Shahenshah of the joke of a state called Bihar Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav ji, must deign to permit my name to appear on its rightful place on the electoral rolls. I doubt that he will.

Ba-ah !

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